Testimonials for Training Options

“I just want to say again how much I loved yesterday’s session on the CoreAlign.  What an amazing machine and concept!!  As awkward as I felt, I also could feel how much my body was working and how centered I felt once I had the correct form.  Looking forward to our next session.  I am motivated to finally get to where I need to be—to be strong and stable again.” –Heather J

“Leigh works with you, one on one, and comes up with a routine to help with your problem.” –Don J

1 Response to Testimonials for Training Options

  1. Marilyn Cataldo says:

    I have been very pleased with the results that I have achieved from LAR Physical Thearapy. I was given a battery of exercises and stretches for my knee and back. Dr. Roberts was very attentive and listened carefully about my symtpoms. She provided me with the insight and knowledge to continue with the prescriptive program at home and in the gym. I am a fitness instructor and seeing her has greatly improved my ability to continue and have even intergrated the exercises into my classes. I now know what to do if I begin to feel pain, tightness, or a strain in my back, and knee. I was sorry to graduate, because I always learned something new that was of benefit, and helped me to continue to get stronger and gain more insight inot how my body works.
    Since I am 61, it’s important to for me to continue to be fit, but do it in a way that will be of most value and without causing too much stress on my body, and optimum recovery.

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