Healthy Body Check-up

A new service offered by L A R Physical Therapy, is the Healthy Body Check-up, a way to be proactive about your health and wellness.  Based on the concerns of the American Physical Therapy Association, our Healthy Body Check-up was designed to monitor your musculoskeletal health to prevent injuries before they strike. DSC_9399

Spend an hour with a physical therapist to assess your posture, balance, strength, flexibility, functional ability, endurance, and aerobic capacity. Using FitTest Solutions, you will be provided a summary of findings, including muscular imbalances, disease/injury risk, and fitness level. Use your summary to plan an exercise routine specific to your needs.

Schedule a follow-up session with L A R Physical Therapy to learn exercises to correct muscle imbalances and improve fitness. By scheduling an annual check-up, we can track your changes over time to assess the efficacy of your workout routine. Let L A R Physical Therapy take the guesswork out of exercise. Monitor your musculoskeletal health and feel empowered to keep your body healthy!

The Healthy Body Check-up is $130.  If purchased together, the Healthy Body Check-up and one follow-up session is $195.