Training Options

L A R Physical Therapy offers a variety of training options to meet our clients’ needs.  Leigh A. Roberts, DPT, OCS is a Polestar Certified Rehabilitation Pilates Practitioner, which is a certification unique to physical therapists.  Dr. Roberts uses Pilates combined with her knowledge as a physical therapist to challenge her clients with functional and safe exercises.  Whether clients are interested in Pilates and fitness for maintaining physical well-being, improving performance as an artist or athlete, or recovering from an injury / disability, Dr. Roberts can customize exercises to achieve a higher level.Reformer splits

Pilates is a method of strengthening and conditioning that focuses on “the core,” which includes the abdominals, back, shoulders and hips.  Joseph Pilates was a nurse during Word War I and used exercise to help rehabilitate the ill and injured. Today Pilates is used for conditioning, helping to build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance by focusing on alignment, core muscles, and improving coordination and balance.

Fitness Assessment:  Healthy Body Check-up

Be proactive in your health. Don’t wait for an injury to occur! Monitor your musculoskeletal health to help prevent injuries before they strike. For a Healthy Body Check-up you’ll spend an hour with a physical therapist to assess your posture, balance, strength, flexibility, functional ability, endurance, and aerobic capacity.DSC_9399

Using FitTest Solutions, you will be provided a summary of findings, including muscular imbalances, disease/injury risk, and fitness level. Use your summary to plan an exercise routine specific to your needs.

Schedule a follow-up session with L A R Physical Therapy to learn exercises to correct muscle imbalances and improve fitness. By scheduling an annual check-up, we can track your changes over time to assess the efficacy of your workout routine. Let L A R Physical Therapy take the guesswork out of exercise. Monitor your musculoskeletal health and feel empowered to keep your body healthy!

The Healthy Body Check-up is $130.  If purchased together, the Healthy Body Check-up and one follow-up session is $195.