Testimonials from Physical Therapy

“Jen did a fantastic job getting my back discomfort into a manageable condition. I came in with a lot of pain and left feeling much much better!” –Ken K.

“Ms. Roberts is a the top of the game; her exercises have helped me phenomenally!” – Charles D

“My appointment with Dr. Leigh was amazing. She relieved my pain immediately, gave me hope and direction and very specific exercises. After many years of suffering I feel I am on track.” -Christy B

“Dr. Roberts is a great physical therapist. I was impressed by her knowledge of her field, as well as her evident intelligence and excellent communication skills. She was did a great job evaluating my condition, identifying my needs, and not only showing me the right exercises to do, but also helping me understand the principles behind them so I could continue developing on my own. Our conversations felt like a true dialog. Some of my particular needs were less common, and I really appreciated the time she took to understand them and to work with me to develop an individualized treatment program just for me. Most importantly, it worked, and I am enjoying freedom from pain and a better understanding of my own body.” -Elliott D. 

“It’s been nearly seven years since our first visit to Leigh, and we will never go to anyone else. Whenever a dance injury has occurred, she has made rapid and accurate assessments of my daughter’s condition, quickly setting her on a course to complete recovery.” -Pamela (mother of dancer age 17)

“I was a patient of Dr. Roberts during June and July 2012 during which she provided physical therapy services I needed as a result of a serious automobile accident a few months before. Dr. Roberts is not only an exceptional therapist who is adept at diagnosing what physical limitations I was dealing with, but also provided the type of hands-on treatment I needed to get me well again to resume normal activities. She is obviously concerned about her patients’ well-being from her caring attitude. Moreover, she transforms those concerns with a wide variety of techniques and exercises I found extremely useful. I have been to other physical therapists in the past, but none come close to the quality of care Dr. Roberts provides. I would recommend her, without question, to anyone who needs these types of services.” -Ken Knouse

“I really appreciate Leigh’s personalized approach.  She developed a personalized physical therapy plan for our teenage dancer by first understanding Katie’s goals and lifestyle; then assessing her physical strengths and weaknesses.  Leigh also took the time to fully investigate our Doctor’s diagnosis and encouraged us to obtain further medical workup which undoubtedly prevented further injury.”  -Susan T.  (mother of dancer age 14)

“Leigh loosened my left hip which became tight as a secondary effect of the pinched nerve (in my back). Leigh taught me how to walk to minimize strain on my back. Leigh taught me additional stretches and exercises and corrected errors in my form while performing exercises for my core muscles…But Leigh helped me get most of my old life back. …Leigh showed the ability and interest to find the best treatment for me. I highly recommend Leigh’s services.”  – Brian B. (recreational cyclist)

“From the beginning, I found Leigh to be quickly available and flexible with appointment times and lengths.  As we went along, if we needed to go for 1 ½ hours, we did.  If we needed a shorter appointment, we did that.   Leigh was able to show me a series of home exercises, specific to my needs, that I could do with simple equipment – the exercise ball, therabands, a Styrofoam roller. I was empowered by Leigh actively listening to my needs and by giving me the right exercises.  Both of those things contributed hugely to my motivation and my recovery.” -Kimberly B

“I have experienced increased sensory loss and activity induced fatigue in my legs for the past 20 years. In 2002, I was formally diagnosed with a condition called Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis. I was informed that the symptoms of this condition would worsen with each passing year. The challenge for me, after receiving this diagnosis, was facing the reality that I would have to cope with a chronic, debilitating condition while functioning day to day and trying to live a normal life. Two years then went by and…I was losing my battle to maintain strength, balance and mobility…

In the Fall of 2004, I had a consultation with Leigh Roberts. Through Pilates and an other exercises, Leigh has shown me how I can regain some of strength, balance and mobility that I have lost. She has helped me in develop an exercise routine that I would have never thought I could have been able to do a year ago. Leigh has the ability to analyze how this condition affects my ability to walk. She then is able to recommend a remedy, through exercise, to help correct the deficiency of movement.

Most importantly, through her support and physical therapy, I now have renewed outlook on life and confidence in facing the challenge living daily with a chronic condition.” – Steven G.

“I started seeing Leigh Roberts in August 2006.  I liked her professionalism and likeable demeanor immediately.  Leigh gave me a thorough evaluation/assessment and taught me how to better cope with my chronic lower back pain and numbness.  She showed me many types of exercises, administered deep muscle massage and taught me ways to stand and walk to ease discomfort.    Leigh has helped me gain confidence in myself by teaching me different exercise techniques including some “weight bearing” ones that aide in helping my osteopenia.  After working with Leigh, I am finally returning to my usual daily routine of walking.  I have gained confidence that I will not injure myself by exercising and feel much better.  Leigh is an extremely qualified individual, and I highly recommend her services.”  – Janice L.

“I am a breast cancer patient and took the drug Femara.  It caused some joint pain and soft tissue issues.  As a result of the PT with Leigh Roberts, I was able to continue my normal lifestyle—working full time, traveling, etc…I highly recommend L A R Physical Therapy” -Mary Ann H.

8 Responses to Testimonials from Physical Therapy

  1. Debbie S. says:

    I went to Leigh because my leg bothered me anytime I drove for more than 15 minutes. The doctor had no idea what I should do about it, and a friend, who is a personal trainer, had told me about Leigh. Leigh was able to assess the problem and kept working with me until we found exercises that addressed the problem. Leigh also helped me with a variety of other small but persistent aches that affected my daily quality of life. I was impressed with her ability to identify both the sources of the problems and successful solutions. Leigh made a huge difference in helping me feel healthy!

  2. Catherine M. says:

    Nobody quite prepares you for the physical demands of caring for a newborn and growing child. As a new mom, within the first year I found myself with severe back and shoulder pain that was preventing me from completing simple every day activities and enjoying play time with my son. I set up an appointment with Leigh not knowing what the recommendations might be or how long I might need to correct the issue. At the very first appointment, Leigh assessed postures, muscle use and activities that caused or reduced the pain. By doing this, she helped to identify both short- and long-term exercises and changes that would help. Some I was able to use immediately, throughout the day, to alleviate the pain in the short term. At the next few follow up appointments, we set about structuring a plan and series of exercises and corrections that would be built into weekly rotations to address the pain over the long term. After a few months of applying the tools that Leigh established, I’m happy to report that the problem is corrected and I’m pain free. One of the best parts of the treatment with Leigh was the feeling of working together toward a common goal and the use of multimedia to help establish the treatment – she used videos, handouts, notes and we recorded a few of the exercises so that I could refer back to them at a later date and remind myself of correct technique. Thank you!

  3. Leigh is exceptional in every way! I have been working with her for the past 6 months for hip pain that intensified whenever I walked even short distances. I recently spent 10 days hiking out west, and I was astounded at what I was able to do. I said goodbye to pain and hello to the Grand Canyon, Bryce,and Zion national parks! Run, don’t walk, to work with Leigh!
    Amy L.

  4. Pat Jacobs says:

    Due to pain in my back, I started seeing a physical therapist in December 2014. After the initial assessment, he would just have me do my exercises while checking my form and then I would either get on the treadmill or stationary bicycle for the second half of the session. When I started seeing Leigh in January, the difference was like night and day! I was the only patient – not one of four or six – and while she still felt some of the exercises the previous therapist had given me were good, she tweaked them or just replaced some. Ultimately, recognizing that I would not / could not spend but so much time each day doing back exercises, we came up with a schedule that was feasible and yet included all of the beneficial exercises. And when my husband mentioned something about going to a physical therapist recently because of some pains that he has been having I, of course, recommended Leigh!

  5. Elizabeth Higgins says:

    After a year of chronic pain, I finally went to Leigh for PT. In just a few months, I was able to gain the strength and flexibility to give the joint the support it needed. The pain subsided and I have been able to continue dancing, choreographing and teaching.
    Thanks Leigh!

  6. Elinor Fong says:

    I started seeing Leigh a couple of years ago because I had knee pain which was hindering my ability to take ballet class. After spending 5 minutes with me, the orthopedic surgeon told me it was arthritis and only suggested ibuprofen for relief. Leigh spent an hour diagnosing the issue and gave me exercises and stretches to do. After a month or so working with Leigh, my knee was so much better that I was able to start taking ballet class again. I signed up for training classes with Leigh and she helped me with my balance and flexibility. This year, I hurt my shoulder and lost a lot of flexibility. Again, Leigh spent the time with me to fully assess the issue and first worked on increasing the flexibility and then building strength. I’m a true believer in physical therapy!! She has enabled my ‘aging’ body to continue to be active and healthy! I recommend physical therapy and Leigh to everyone!

  7. betsy plonski says:

    I highly recommend LAR Physical Therapy! Jen is knowledgeable, insightful, professional and compassionate. She helped me with my foot problems and literally helped me get back on my feet. She took the time to listen and taught me how to manage my symptoms, strengthen and stretch my body, and have hope when I was feeling confused, frustrated or defeated. Leigh and the other staff members were great, as well. What wonderful support at a time of need!

  8. Lynda Pines says:

    When my daughter strained her groin in ballet class two weeks before tennis tryouts, I called Dr.
    Leigh Roberts right away. Accommodations were made for Leigh to evaluate my daughter the next day. I was so impressed with Leigh’s thorough questioning and exam. She was “spot-on” with her diagnosis and treatment plan. My daughter literally danced through her successful tennis season and is now on to Nutcracker rehearsals!

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