Testimonials from Performing Artists

“As a dancer with a laberal tear (hip) I wanted to see if I could avoid getting surgery. Along with regular physical therapy exercises, I find that dry needling is a major component in my rehab and maintenance. It helps to relax all the muscles around my hip area, so that my femur is able to sit properly in my hip joint. I get it about once a month and notice a huge difference.”-Emily R

“A “heads up” that Leigh gave us at our first assessment meeting with [my daughter] Catherine turned out to be a very important finding for her health.  Leigh had mentioned in September that, based on what she saw, we might want to have Catherine’s spine checked for scoliosis. I did take her to the pediatrician, and sure enough, she has a mild scoliosis of about 6 or 7 degrees. We will be consulting an orthopedic specialist for further follow- up. 
     I am very thankful that Leigh brought this to our attention initially, otherwise we may have not discovered it this soon (before her growth spurt.) I might have waited longer to take her for a check- up. So thank you, Leigh, for your careful observations with Catherine which will allow us early intervention…. to help keep her on the dance floor! I really appreciate this and all you are doing for Catherine.”  -Sharon (mother of dancer, Catherine)

“Dr. Leigh is a fabulous physical therapist and a “must-know” for studio owners, dance directors and teachers!  Not only did she get me back to dance and teaching after my knee injury, she has helped many of my dancers heal and/or strengthen their bodies.  She is professional, up front and extremely knowledgable about the body and how to use it.  It is wonderfully beneficial to have a PT who can relate to dance and performing.” –Melissa Hathway (Studio Owner / Director of Arts ‘n Motion in Odenton, MD)

“I was preparing for my fall show when I injured my back. I was so happy Ms. Roberts helped me to strength my core so that I could dance without pain and recover fully before performing.”  –Taylor P. (age 13)

“In a single session, Leigh identified the source of my 10 year old dancer’s foot pain, where over the last year others had failed.”  –Pamela D. (mother of dancer)

“I just wanted to send a note of thanks again for helping me on such short notice with my ankle.  We just got home from our dress rehearsal, and everything was wonderful.  I was able to do the pieces on pointe that were necessary to rehearse for Saturday’s shows.  I don’t know what I would have done without you! You are a miracle worker!”  –Susan S. (adult dancer)

“I had never experienced anything like L A R Physical Therapy services before.  Leigh took her time to evaluate and listened to everything I had to say.  Originally, I was going to go to my doctor. I am so glad that he was too “booked” to see me for the next week or so!  I felt like Leigh gave me the ability to control my own recovery because she understood that I can’t just sit on the sidelines when rehearsals are getting underway.  Your understanding of the way that dancers are about getting back to the barre allowed me to trust you.”  –Susan D. (dance instructor)

“Leigh is an intuitive and talented Physical Therapist who listens closely to her patients.  I feel that she has more thoroughly understood the physical problems that I came to her with than any other therapist that I have been to, and that with her help, I will finally resolve these problems. She doesn’t hesitate to look beyond the obvious and try to uncover the cause of whatever problem I may be having.  Her dance background is an added and very real advantage, as she has a better understanding of a dancer’s needs than most therapists.  I am a mature, recreational dancer and had been wondering if it might be time to quit.  With Leigh’s help, I am continuing to dance and am enjoying it more than ever.”  –Michele H. (adult dancer)

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