Dancer Assessment

The dancer assessment is performed by Dr. Roberts prior to beginning a training program. Medical history, concerns and goals will be reviewed during the assessment.  Dr. Roberts will provide exercises to be performed independently and may recommend additional sessions as needed to meet one’s goals.  

Assessment options:Leigh and turnout

  • Dancer Fitness ($130) A physical therapist will evaluate posture, strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular fitness, during this one-hour assessment.
  • Pointe Readiness ($130) Do you have enough range of motion to go en pointe?  Are your ankles strong enough?  Is your alignment correct?  This one-hour assessment will identify if you are ready to go en pointe.
  • Turn-out ($130) How much turn out do you have?  Are you maximizing your turn-out potential?  This one-hour assessment will look at your standing leg turn-out and your gesture leg turn-out.

Home Exercises Program Plan ($225)

After an assessment, sign up for three visits to:  1) learn the exercises, 2) review and modify the exercises, and 3) follow up in two-months to check-in and modify exercises as needed.