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groupphoto1The best way to schedule an appointment is to call 410.381.1574.  Administrative hours are Tuesday through Thursdays from 9:30-3:30.  However, you can call whenever it’s convenient for you and we’ll return your call as soon as possible.

Clinical hours are Tuesday through Friday with some Saturday availabilities.

Phone: 410.381.1574

Email Dr. Leigh Roberts:

Email Dr. Jen Pelleg (formerly Breithaupt):

Email Sandy (Administrative Assistant):

Fax: 410.381.5174


Please find us in the Coreworks Fitness Studio:

9160 Rumsey Road, Suite B4
Columbia, MD 21045

Coreworks location from parking lotPilates classes are held at the Amherst House, the Kings Contrivance Village center headquarters.

From Rte 29:
Coreworks from 29 to 108

From Rte 100:
Coreworks directions from 100