About Us

How L A R Physical Therapy is unique:

  • One-on-one for treatment for 45 to 60 minutes with the physical therapist
  • Manual physical therapy
  • Specific, functional, and progressive exercise programs
  • Pilates principles integrated into every treatment plan
  • Pilates Reformer, Tower and Chair in the clinic
  • Provides a continuum of musculoskeletal care from physical therapy to private training to group classes
  • A high quality of customer service for patients with excellent satisfaction outcomes

Physical Therapy specializing in

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  • Manual techniques include myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, neuromuscular re-education and joint mobilization/manipulation
  • Foot & Ankle, Spine, and Pelvic GirdleDysfunction
  • Chronic Pain
  • Performing Artists, including dancers, skaters, gymnasts, and musicians.

Training options focusing on Pilates for

Group Pilates Classes for