Foot Pain? Docs Should Ask About Knee and Hip Pain Too

Researchers suggest a significant association exists between foot pain and knee or hip pain.  The results advocate for a change in how patients with lower extremity pain are evaluated.  Studying the interaction between the knee and the foot, or the hip and the foot is very important because it’s a kinetic chain.  The kinetic chain, the notion that the body’s joints and segments have an effect on one another during movement, can play a key role in pain.  Leigh ankle flexion

The correlated and compensatory posture and movement theory may explain how multi-joint arthritis develops, as well as other abnormalities and associated pains that can result from overuse or trauma to one or more structures in the kinetic chain.

A change in the paradigm of how patients with lower extremity pain should be evaluated clinically.  The basic physical examination and patients’ history remain important in identifying pain and related patterns in patients.

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