#Stretching September

Can you believe summer is over, the kids are back in school and the weather is starting to cool down?  As you probably know by now L A R Physical Therapy is on Instagram!  This month L A R Physical Therapy will be posting photos of clients stretching the incorrect way vs. the correct way.  Stretching is the best way to end a workout, but doing it incorrectly can lead to injuries.  Please follow along @larphysicaltherapy to see if you have been stretching the right or wrong way.  If there is a particular stretch you would like to see, comment on the photo or send an email with your request.

September is here and we're calling it Stretching September! Over the month we will be showing the incorrect vs. the correct way to stretch different muscles. Here is one of our favorite clients demonstrating the incorrect and correct way to stretch the quadriceps muscle. The picture on the left shows her arching her back. The picture on the right shows her tucking her tailbone to lengthen the front of her hip and thigh.  You want to feel this stretch in the front of your leg in the quadriceps muscle. Let us know any stretches you want to see! #larphysicaltherapy #marylandpt #movemore #stretchingseptember #stretchmore #rightvswrong #goodform
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