Weekend Warriors

Spring brings the return of activity, as we eagerly get out and about to enjoy the nice weather.  Make sure to ease into activity and start each workout with a warm-up.  You can also begin doing a little training so that your favorite activities are easier.  Whether it’s running, cycling, hiking, or camping, adding a few strengthening and stretching exercises is a great way to give your body a tune-up for spring! jogging-women.jpg
Start performing these exercises for a great start to your favorite warm weather activities.  Or join Leigh’s next session of Pilateswhich starts March 20.  There are now 2 Pilates classes on Monday nights: 6:30 Mat with Props (Theraband this session) and 7:30 All Level Mat Pilates. Classes are held at the Amherst House in the Kings Contrivance Village Center.
If you’d like help creating a personalized workout routine, call 410.381.1574 to schedule an appointment.  For Pilates classes, register at the Amherst House or call 410-381-9600 for more information.
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