Direct Access for Early Treatment

Have you had surgery and your doctor didn’t refer you to PT? Have you had an injury and your doctor gave you exercises, but didn’t recommend PT?  Given the changes in healthcare and reimbursement, doctors are not incentivized to refer patients to physical therapy.  However, you may feel that you need more guidance with exercises or are not achieving your goals post-surgery.  Physical Therapy is accessible to everyone in Maryland because our state has direct access to physical therapy.  Seeing a physical therapist can ensure that you are doing exercises correctly and provide you with progressions that can return you to better functioning. 
Studies show that seeing a physical therapist early can help patients recover faster, for less money and with better outcomes.  When patients saw a physical therapist on the first day of a diagnosis of lower back pain they were more likely to spend less, were less likely to need an emergency department visit, and were less likely to need opioids for pain management.  The above diagram shows how physical therapy can be an entry into health care which gets your treatment started sooner.  If you are not recovering as expected, the physical therapist will refer you to a specialist for diagnostic testing.
Most physical therapists these days have a doctoral degree and are autonomous practitioners who can provide clinical decision making.  Physical therapists are not allowed to order diagnostic testing or to prescribe medication.  Physical therapy is typically much less expensive than prescription drugs or surgery.
If you’re experiencing pain or not achieving your goals, don’t wait to see a physical therapist, make an appointment right away to reduce your recovery time, so you can feel better faster.
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