The Major Health Mistake You’re Making

As physical therapists, we see a lot of patients with injuries.  The question everyone wants to know is: how to prevent their injury?  Unfortunately, there’s no magic answer for how to avoid injury, studies have even tried unsuccessfully to find the answer.  The major mistake most people make is that they wait for an injury to occur before seeking professional help.
Our entire healthcare system is based around this idea of treating illness instead of treating people before they become ill. Well, it’s time for you to take action!  You can be proactive and tackle your muscle imbalances, strength, flexibility, and functional abilities before an injury occurs.
L A R Physical Therapy offers a unique Healthy Body Check-up.  This assessment is designed to help you track and improve your personal musculoskeletal needs.  Don’t spend another year performing the same exercise routine, learn exercises tailored specifically to your needs!
Call 410.381.1574 or email us to schedule your Healthy Body Check-up.
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