Top 10 Gifts for a Healthy Body

Need some ideas for your holiday shopping?  Check out our list for the top ten items for anyone on your list that enjoys taking care of their body.
1. Spiky ball – Perfect for massaging feet and calves.  (check out the video for how to use these spiky balls)
2. Slant board – Stretch out those calves, especially great after running! (check out the video to learn to use the slant board)
3. Healthy Body Check-up – Learn about your body and what exercises are right for you.  (learn more about the Healthy Body Check-up)
4. Theracane – Massage those hard to reach spots.
5. Stretch out strap – Make the most out of stretching.
6. Resistance Loops – An easy, portable way to add resistance to workouts.
7. Medicine ball – Add some resistance to exercises, including Pilates.
8. Rotating disks – Time for some fancy footwork!
9. Stability ball – Use it as a chair-alternative or for stability exercises.
10. BOSU – A great way to change up a workout routine.

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