Periodization for your Best Performance

Periodization is a great way to think about training for dance or any sport. There is usually a busy season to any sport that is all about preparing for performance.  The rest of the year can be divided into different areas of focus to allow for adequate recovery, cross-training, and preparation.  

By thinking of the year in phases, you can focus your attention on the top priority for your fitness.  During the performance phase most of your time will be performing and in rehearsal.  After performance season ends it’s important to focus on conditioning, cross-training and recovery.  Then, as you move to the preparation phase, more time will be spent in class / rehearsal and conditioning will be less of a focus.  By viewing the year in different periods you’ll be able to prepare, perform and recover and keep your body functioning at its best.

If you would like help developing a periodization plan or would like help working on technique enhancement, please call 410.381.1574 to schedule.

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