Determining Pointe Readiness

Going en pointe is an exciting goal for most ballet dancers.  However, there are a lot of factors to consider to know if you are ready to go en pointe.

One of the services provided at L A R Physical Therapy is a Pointe Readiness Assessment. During the assessment, we look at range of motion, strength and control of the foot / ankle, hips and core.  One of the tools that we use is the

 Guidelines from the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science,  which include:

1.  Dancers should be 12 years old or older.

2.  Dancers should have good anatomical movement (good range of motion and alignment).

3.  Dancers should be at the pre-professional level, training several times a week, and in the fourth year of training.

4.  Dancers should have good core and leg control.

5.  Dancers with hypermobility at the foot and ankle should work on strengthening first.

With these things in mind it is important to evaluate each student before making the decision to begin pointe training.  A Pointe Readiness Assessment is a great place to start.  This assessment can help a dancer understand his / her own body and movement patterns better before beginning such demanding training.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for a pre-pointe assessment, call 410.381.1574, or email

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