Musculoskeletal Preventative Care

Musculoskeletal issues, when caught early, are often treatable with minimal cost, time, and pain.  However, as a country, our healthcare system is designed to treat problems, not prevent them.  That’s why the American Physical Therapy Association has begun pushing an initiative to have physical therapists offer more preventative screenings.

By regularly seeing a physical therapist, like seeing a primary care doctor for a annual physical, the hope is to catch musculoskeletal imbalances and inefficient movement patterns before they cause injury or pain.

“When musculoskeletal disorders that could be prevented or ameliorated are not addressed in a timely manner, we miss opportunities to intervene earlier and more effectively in the disease process – a program exacerbated by lack of access to both screening and treatment,” USBJI writes in an executive summary of the report. “These missed opportunities rob people of their ability to work and live full lives, and add unnecessary expenditures to the health care system.” —The US Bone and Joint Initiative as quoted by the APTA

L A R Physical Therapy is using FitTest Solutions to administer the Healthy Body Check-up to help meet the need for an annual musculoskeletal health exam.

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