Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

Clients frequently come to see me thinking that they have a specific weakness, or they’re concerned about flexibility, or turn-out, but after conducting a Dancer Assessment, I may find a different area to focus on. When we attempt to perform physical feats, if we aren’t quite strong enough or flexible enough, our bodies will compensate to achieve these movements.  These compensatory movements can cause injury over time, or may present as weak turnout when in fact it’s a flexibility issue or something else.  

Dance instructors often notice that something isn’t right, but they may not know how to correct the issue.  By getting a Dancer Assessment with a physical therapist, you’ll be able to turn your weaknesses into strengths.  A Dancer Assessment focuses on a variety of flexibility, strength and balance components, to determine imbalances and weaknesses.  Then I will provide you with a home exercise program so that you can work to improve your technique.

Please call the office at 410.381.1574 or email admin@larpt.com, if you are interested in a Dancer Assessment.

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