Standing Desks

Many of my patients have pain from sitting at their desk all day for work.  Not only does it cause pain, but it can decrease blood flow to your joints and cause muscle fatigue.  One of the benefits of a standing desk is that you can change positions from sitting to standing so that you don’t get too tired in one position.

There are tons of variations on the market, from brand new desks, to adjustable tabletop versions.  Here’s what one of my clients has to say about her Varidesk:

“I’ve been using the Varidesk for a month now.  It is great!  The mechanism is smooth and easy to use.  It holds two large screens easily. I highly recommend it!”  – Elinor F.

If you do decide to switch to a standing desk, make sure you think about how you are going to implement it.  Wear comfortable shoes and set a timer so that you can change positions or take breaks more frequently.  Whether sitting or standing, taking breaks is important to easy muscle fatigue and joint pain.


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