How to Stay Fit When Told to Rest

I know that my patients don’t like to hear the words “you need to rest” when they have an injury.  However, I try to turn the “rest” into an “opportunity” to strengthen other areas that they probably don’t have time to work on while they are taking class and rehearsing (and going to school, doing homework, studying, oh yeah and sleeping too!!).

While an injury definitely needs rest and recovery, that does not mean that you have a free pass to sit on the couch.  If you’re passionate about dancing you can use an injury as an opportunity to get in shape in other ways.  I see a lot of dancers for foot or ankle injuries because this is the area most injured in dancers.  So while you’re recovering from that, I challenge you to stay fit in other ways, like working on your core or cardiovascular endurance or maybe trying to perform a floor barre.

There is always a way to continue to workout and make strength gains even when recovering from an injury.  If you find yourself nursing an injury I hope you’ll keep a positive outlook and realize that you can return even better after your injury than you were before.

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