Exercise of the Month: Calf Stretching

Stretching the calves is an important but often neglected muscle group. The calf is made up of two different muscles, the gastroc and the soleus, which attach together into the Achilles tendon.  To stretch your calves, I recommend getting a slant board to stand on.  You can purchase a slant board on our Amazon store for a very reasonable cost.   I suggest putting it in your bathroom, and standing on it while you brush your teeth, twice a day!  This simple addition to your daily routine will help to keep your calves happy, and may help you avoid injuries such as shin splints or plantar fasciitis.

If you don’t have a slant board, you can also perform this exercise on a step or curb.  Stand with one heel hanging off a step, and drop the heel as low as you can to get a good stretch through your calf.

Hold the stretch for 30 seconds with your leg straight, then bend your knee and hold for another 30 seconds.  Switch legs and repeat on the other side with the leg straight and bent.  It is important to perform both ways since there are two muscles in your calf.

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