Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is great for your home, but can wreck havoc on your body. Don’t let a cleaning spree cause you discomfort.  Follow these tips to keep your body organized and in good alignment.

  • When vacuuming make sure you move with your vacuum, try to maintain a neutral spine instead of reaching forward or sideways.
  • When lifting containers, laundry, or boxes, keep the load centered in front of you, lifting with your legs, and keeping the weight close to your body.
  • When performing chores like laundry or putting away dishes from the dish washer, refrain from twisting.  Collect a pile or a stack and then move to put them away keeping your body in good alignment.
  • If you’re gardening or cleaning the floors, make sure you kneel to avoid bending over for long periods.  Use a pillow or towel to cushion your knees.
  • Perform a warm-up to loosen up your muscles and get the blood flowing.  Here are some ideas for an 8-minute warm-up or an all-body basic warm up.    Also, you can do some core work to warm up – see below.
  • Take breaks so that your joints don’t get stiff in one position for too long.
  • Every time you take a break, get a drink of water so that you stay hydrated.
  • Stretch out your muscles after working on household chores to decrease muscle soreness.

If you have any questions or want an evaluation to improve movement patterns, call L A R Physical Therapy at 410.381.1574 or email admin@larpt.com to schedule an appointment.

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