This Spring, Organize Your Body

Spring is coming, so let’s get ready for spring cleaning!  That usually includes organizing your cabinets and closets.  We all spend lots of time organizing our homes, but how many of you spend time organizing your body?

What does it mean to organize your body?  Organizing your body means making sure that you are in good alignment and activating the proper muscles.  Our bodies need a good combination of strength and flexibility.  It is good to do some stretches and some core strengthening for 30 minutes at least twice a week.  Or, if you rather, you could spend 10 minutes daily working on target areas.

First of all, you need to increase your awareness of where you are tight.  These are areas that are stiff when you wake or sore and achey after you sit at your computer for a while.  You should spend about 10 minutes in the morning stretching tight areas, either when you wake or when you first sit down to work.  If you don’t know what stretches to do, make an appointment with a physical therapist or personal trainer to prescribe some stretches for your target areas.

I recommend four simple core strengthening moves to keep your body organized.  Here are links to the videos of how to perform the exercises:

The form on all of these exercises is very important to ensure that you are doing them correctly and targeting the correct muscles.  Again, scheduling an appointment with a physical therapist or personal trainer is a good idea to master the form, then you can continue them on your own.

It definitely takes time to keep your body healthy, but with only about an hour a week your body will be more organized, so you’ll move better and feel better!

If you have any questions or want an evaluation to improve movement patterns, call L A R Physical Therapy at 410.381.1574 or email to schedule an appointment.

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