High Impact: Concussions

As we head into football season, and other fall sports, we’re sure to hear about concussions more and more.  The dangers and consequences of concussions have been getting more media attention recently, but it’s important to recognize that concussions can happen to anyone, not just to football players.

A concussion is a brain injury caused by the brain being shaken andcolliding with the skull.  This injury causes changes to the brain’s chemistry and energy supply.  It’s important to note that concussions can be caused from direct impact (like hitting your head hard on the ground), or indirect impact (as in whiplash). It’s also possible to receive a concussion and not lose consciousness.  Symptoms can include:  headache, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, confusion, foggy-thinking, irritability, moodiness, etc.

If you think you have a concussion it’s important to seek medical attention immediately.  It’s also crucial to get the rest needed to adequately recover from a concussion.  Exertion, both mental and physical, must be limited until symptoms are gone.  After being cleared by a medical professional, a physical therapist can help you recover your balance or treat any other orthopedic injuries that were caused in addition to the concussion.

If you have any questions or need help recovering from a concussion, call L A R Physical Therapy at 410.381.1574 or email admin@larpt.com to schedule an appointment.

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